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What Not to Buy your Kid for Christmas…

December 15th, 2014 · No Comments

Although perhaps this item will be gone by the time you read this? Nonetheless the following story cracked me up! Especially since it sounds like somebody got caught trying to pull a fast one, unless they’re counting on their customers to not catch on?

So, if your son or daughter is a Carmelo Anthony fan, you’ll probably want to skip the Anthony Carmelo doll WalMart’s currently offering! Especially since its apparently got several genetic makeup differences, not to mention speeling, and that’s even before getting to the correct NBA team; YIKES! Although it’d make a nice novelty and may become a collector’s item for wrongly marketed merchandise?

WalMart’s Carmelo Anthony Doll looks Suspiciously like Jeremy Lin

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Three Soccer Ghosts visit Sounders FC…

December 12th, 2014 · No Comments

Must be getting that time of year, right? As I just can’t stop myself from various renditions of Messer Dickens timeless tail…

As the Seattle Sounders FC were visited by more than those three Ghoulish Chaps from Yesteryear, with their ravenous “Rave Green” Diehard supporters setting the bar a notch higher by leading the MLS in attendance once again, for six years in-a-row with some 42,863+ filing thru the turnstiles; Err being “wanded” by security at Century Link Field.

Ghost of Soccer Past
Funny how it seems like forever ago when I was attending my lone “Rave Green” match of the regular season two months ago, when Seattle lost One-Nil (1-0) which I scribbled ’bout laboriously in;

Seattle’s Affinity for The Other Football leaves a Fan Futilely Searching for Regular Season’s final Matches…

Not to mention my travails ‘O trying to follow along the season’s mock two-legged Face-off for the Supporters shield vs. arch nemesis Los Angeles Galaxy; having tuned out after Seattle fell behind Two-Nil (2-0) in Leg-1 before totally screwing up upon my local TV time & station for their victorious Leg-2 win!

Next listening to the Sounders FC in the MLS Playoffs, for which the relatively new Major League Soccer Franchise has participated in all six years of its existence. As it was the second game vs. FC Dallas, where Seattle’s very own Mike McCready of Pearl Jam fame played a rocking rendition of thy Star spangled banner upon his Fender Stratocaster to 38,000-plus (A = 38,912) adoring, delirious Rave Green fans!

Sounders have advanced to the Conference Finals twice, with their nemesis being those dreaded LA Galaxy, who bounced Seattle from advancing two years ago in 2012 en route to Los Angeles’s fourth MLS Cup, when some chap named David Beckham was on his retirement “World Tour.”

Fast forward to this season, as the Galaxy were flexing their collective muscles again, with the retiring Landon Donovan scoring a Hat-trick vs. Real Salt Lake (RSL) in a crushing Five-Nil (5-0) defeat.

But back to our Sounders FC game, where the score was knotted Nil-Nil (0-0) at halftime, even though Clint Dempsey had taken a point blank shot from 12-yards out straight at Dallas’s keeper to NO avail! As the game ended tied at Nil-Nil with Seattle advancing on the strength of Major League Soccer’s dubious “Away Goals” rule, for which I felt somewhat disappointed, as hey, Yuhs always want your home team to win via scoring goals instead!

Ghost of Soccer Present
Listened to a somewhat tinny Ross Fletcher, the voice of the Sounders FC, with “Pro-LA” colour commentator Kasey Keller alongside on a new AM radio channel, 770AM Me thinks? As it was agonizing to hear Seattle lose One-Nil, (1-0) yet realize we’d been down this road before, and alas, it was only one goal this time instead of the typical three…

Then upon being bedside with my departing ‘Awntie Harriet over Thanksgiving weekend, in what I dubbed a “100% SportsFreeZone!” I missed out upon the all important second leg finale.

Also missed any transmission of the Seahawks v 49ers “Turkey-Lurkey” dessert, as we’d chose to watch Shirley Temple’s Bright Eyes instead, followed up with ‘lil Ronnie Howard on the Telescreen afterwards, I had ZERO inkling of the second leg’s outcome until late Monday evening, followed-up by Randal informing me that Seattle had won the game but those dastardly Galaxy had won the war on aggregate plus the BLEEPIN’ Away Goals tiebreaker.

And apparently the lure ‘O Landon Donovan’s “final-final” match was too much to resist, with a reported figure of some 1.9-million viewers tuning in, including Senior Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy, who was watching his first ever MLS Cup in spite of those bone crushing Seahawks being on thy ‘Telie in nearly the same time-slot; Aye Karumba!

And although I totally got Alexi Lalas’s point in the Pre-game’s opening monologue, and agree with it, nonetheless, I got overly peeved by his continuous “Shots” at the Sounders by saying NOBODY cares who won the US Open Cup and Supporters Shield, they only remember who won the MLS Cup! As I kept waiting for his opposite studio Sidekick ex-Sounders FC Captain and Goalkeeper Kasey Keller to say something, but Kasey wouldn’t bite; Bah Humbug!

As I’m certain my neighbor above wondered what I was YOO-HOOING ’bout pre-Seahawks game, as I let out a vociferous roar in the games 79th minute when New England shockingly tied the game One-One, as I seriously wanted the Revolution to end their MLS Cup losing streak but alas, as we all know, reigning MLS MVP Robby Keene scored the deciding goal in the 111th minute of play, clinching LA’s record fifth MLS Cup victory 2-1 with the Revolution unceremoniously making history by now having lost five championship game matches; YOUCH!

Ghost of Soccer Future
For now, as hopefully both sides will work out the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, (CBA) which expires on Dec 31, 2014, the future of MLS looks pretty bright! With eight franchises having averaged over 20,000 attendees and the league averaging just a schosh over 19,000 for the first time ever, (19,045 Avg) and two new teams entering play in 2015, i.e.; Orlando City Soccer Club and New York City FC, as the latter state now hosts three professional teams: NY Red Bulls, NYC FC and the NASL’s New York Cosmos,.

And expansion fever hasn’t subsided yet, with two more franchises on the horizon set to play in 2017, when the re-tooled second LA franchise being born out of the ashes of Chivas USA, along with the new Atlanta squad take to the pitch, with MLS Commissioner Don Garber saying he hopes to be to 24-teams by the time he steps down in 2020…

2014 MLS Expansion Draft Picks revealed

Also MLS is currently waiting patiently for the resolvement of the never ending David Beckham Miami Franchise experiment, for which his first two stadium site choices have been shot down. As I still don’t see why Lord Beckham doesn’t take over the new LA franchise instead? Although suppose he doesn’t want to go head-to-head with his former employer…

Thus, all that remains for Seattle’s box ticking is to finally make its debutant MLS Cup appearance, having now won four US Open Cups along with the 2014 MLS Supporters Shield.

As my good friend Randal, “Thy Moniker King” (primarily of No Fenders fame) gave me quite the start recently when mentioning that perhaps my favourite Sounders FC player #12, Left Back Leo Gonzalez might be gone after the forthcoming Major League Soccer expansion draft; YIKES!

Yet whew, fortunately for Mwah, Leo and more importantly the Sounders, along with Ziggy, (Schmid) Leo was spared and the 34yr old Costa Rican should be once again on the pitch for opening day next March, where the Sounders will feature a somewhat revamped starting line-up.

And it’s important to note that the New England Revolution didn’t play in their first MLS cup until year seven of its existence, which I only learned from watching this year’s championship, for which I so desperately wanted New England to send “LD10″ (Donovan) packing dejectedly!

As Randal notes, with my Boy Leonardo being 34 ‘N change, the young lions will be nipping at his heels, whilst have NO idea who’ll fill departed home grown Right Back talent DeAndre Yedlin who’s transferred to the world’s premiere stage by joining Tottenham Hot Spurs.

Thus, with Landon’s departure, can the Galaxy regroup for another title run? While the Sounders “core players” remain intact; Hmm? Sounds familiar, like I dunno, perhaps the Seattle Seahawks, eh?

Thus, can the Rave Green finally break thru to the championship finals and even better yet, be victorious! And just how many original Sounders will remain upon that most glorious day?

As there’s currently just four players remaining upon Seattle’s roster who made their maiden cap ‘Wayback on March 19, 2009, albeit one could be done? (As thought I heard Zach Scott’s name being mentioned as possibly retiring? Pre expansion draft…)

This quartet is led by elder Defenders Gonzalez (34) and Zach Scott, (34) with midfielder team captain Brad Evans (29) and midfielder ‘Ozzie, aka Osvaldo Alonso (29) all somewhat hearing the nagging sounds of Father Time calling them.

Yet on the positive side of the ledger, sounders brass just recently gave Head Coach Sigi Schmid a contract extension for Christmas, so the Sounders FC should have NO excuses for coaching lapses into the foreseeable future, with the pressure now being squarely on Schmid, age 61 to claim his third career MLS cup…

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This Matchup Stinks “An Ugly Preview Of A Gruesome Matchup”

November 26th, 2014 · No Comments

I think this is a must read for every NFL fan, especially those of you who are ripping on Richard Sherman for his latest media mockery about the NFL and its double standards.

Nicely written and thought provoking:

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What’s a Titans Fan to do on Thanksgiving?

November 26th, 2014 · No Comments

Not have to worry about them being humiliated on national TV; Hya! Since the day traditionally belongs to the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions, along with the NFL’s desire to cash in upon the day with a third game added, which I thought usually involved the Green Bay Packers?

This year’s Turkey Day rivalries include the Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles, Lions vs. Chicago Bears and Holy Stove Top Stuffing Batman! Those dreaded San Francisco 49ers vs. defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks!

Previewing the 2014 Thanksgiving Day’s games

As perhaps we’ll be thankful that Tennessee has finally won another game? With their last “W” coming on October 12th vs. AFC South Division (rival) “Doormat’s” Jacksonville. With the Titans currently riding a four game losing streak prior to Week 12’s Philadelphia Eagles matchup, who I expect to win the game…

Otay, that being said, first of all, your Senior Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy should confess that he’s not a Humungous “Stick ‘N Ball” Sports fan and hence, has only listened to one football game this season, prior to week twelve’s epic Seahawks v Cardinals Smack-down…

As Artiste Dave, creator of both sportyblog and No Fenders Bitchin’ logos, recently told me how the Titans will never go to the Super Bowl, while his Cardinals were looking pretty at 9-1. For which all I can say is, that at least we’ve got a coach who’s been to the B-I-G’ Game before; Hya!

Since ironically ex-Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Kenny “The Wiz” Wisenhunt is now at the helm in Nashville, albeit enduring a pretty bleak first season; after hearing how Tennessee’s now lost eight of nine games en route to their lowly 2-8 record; YOUCH! Yet amazingly, they’re not last in their division thanks to Jacksonville, with both being ahead of the winless Raiders…

Obviously that was before the then winless Raiders Shock upset of AFC West Division leading Kansas City Chiefs last Thursday evening, 24-20, halting a 16-game losing streak!

While Tennessee isn’t alone in the 2-8 standings brackets, which the New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers also share with Titans, with the New York Jets, Washington Redskins and Carolina Panthers all just being one game ahead at 3-7.

As shockingly, the Atlanta Falcons lead the NFL’s “Sad Sack” NFC South Division at 4-6; Aye Karumba! With Arizona leading the overall standings at 9-1 prior to its divisional scrum vs. Seattle, with these records being prior to the conclusion of Week-12.

As unfortunately, Zach Metenberger will have to wait another week to attempt winning his first National Football League game, after “Philly” opened up a can ‘O whoopass on the Titans with a 43-24 win; with Tennessee’s (2-9) next opponent being an intra-division game vs. the (5-6) Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium, as Houston currently lies second in the AFC South behind the division leading Indianapolis Colts.

I first began following the Titans back in 2008, which coincidentally looked like a very good year, and NO! Not just jumping on the Bandwagon… As QB Cary Collins led the team to a 10-0 start before their first loss, eventually finishing the regular season 13-3, for the third time in franchise history, garnering a first round Playoff-bye before being knocked out of the playoffs by the Baltimore Ravens 13-10..

And from there, it was a downhill slide, before “Franchise” QB Vince Young replaced the struggling Collins, who’d lost six-in-a-row the following year, then being 0-6 prior to their bye week; before Vince righted the Titans ship, winning five straight and finishing the season .500, 8-8. As ‘08 1st round draft pick Chris “Money” Johnson became only the sixth Running Back in league history to rush for over 2,000-yards in a season.

And how can you not admire an owner who gets fined a quarter-of-a-million dollars for telling the Buffalo Bills “They’re No. 1!” Uhm, Mr. Adams, guess Y’all shouldn’t do that in front of Bumbling, Stumbling, Fumbling “I’m the Commish” Roger Goodell!!

Then there’s the whole Steve Young affair; OOPS! I mean Vince! As that’s a longstanding inside joke, as Steve probably wouldn’t appreciate it, right? As he’s got a Super Bowl ring while Vince retired from the NFL after going Mano e Mano vs. then Head Coach Jeff Fisher, who even had to call the police to find him!

Vince finished out his NFL career last playing in 2011 for Philadelphia with backup stints at Buffalo, Green Bay and Cleveland, while being interspersed over the years with a myriad of legal issues, most notably filing for bankruptcy and apparently being in arrears for $1.9m after having made $34m in NFL salary, along with another 30-million in endorsements.

Then there’s one of my all-time favourite quarterback’s Steve “Air” McNair, who simply was a Stud! As he always instilled a true grittiness with his machismo, toughness and tenacity, as another ex-Houston Oilers Hall of Fame QB Warren Moon reminds me of McNair playing-wise. As sadly, the transition to civilian life didn’t pan out very well for McNair, as Y’all remember the torrid ending to his life…

Jeff Fisher, who’s always seemed like a very good Head Coach to Mwah, has the dubious distinction of steering three different guises of the ship through 17yrs at the Helm between 1994-2010. First being the final Houston Oilers coach, then the Tennessee Oilers leader from 1997-98 in Memphis, and finally the Titans skipper from their inception in ‘99 until the tumultuous 2010 season.

As I tend to forget that Fisher led the Titans to Super Bowl XXXIV in ‘Y2k, (2000) where they came up just 4th and inches short of defeating “The Greatest Show on Turf,” aka Kurty Wagner’s High Flyin’ St Louis Rams, losing 23-16 on the game’s final play!

Meanwhile, owner Bud Adams, who’d finally given up on his charge Vince Young in favour of Jeff Fisher then elevated longtime employee, Houston Oilers Hall of Fame and nine time Pro-bowl Left Guard Mike Munchak, who served as the Offensive Line coach prior to taking over Fisher’s position in 2011, when the two had decided to part “amicably.”

Thus, seeking a new guiding light, Tennessee selected University of Washington Huskies QB Jake Locker No. 8 overall in the first round of that year’s draft, to be the team’s leader of the future, while studying under the tutelage of ex-Seattle Seahawks QB Mathew Hasselback, who Tennessee had inked to a three year $21m contract as its starter.

Mike Munchak disappointed for Titans QB Jake Locker

As Munchak would be the last head coach hired by Bud Adams, who passed away at the age of 90, last year in October, 2013 with his NFL Franchise being sold to KSA Industries, located in Houston.

Having waned massively over the sheer ridiculousness of the National Football League’s antics this past fall, which I scribbled ’bout in;

The NFL’s Dark Side…

Along with the dismal season my Tennessee Titans are having this year; as I thought my Shuttle Express driver was going to crash into the jersey barrier on I-5 when bursting into maniacal laughter after I pronounced the Titans were “My Team,” on a recent ride home from SeaTac Int’l airport…

Hence, I didn’t bother watching the recent Titans Monday Night game until almost halftime, tuning in around the first half’s 2:05 minutes remaining mark, albeit unfortunately missing Tennessee’s shock last minute touchdown giving them an astounding 17-13 halftime lead, as I was interrupted by a zealous Solicitor’s door knocking.

Then hearing Chris “He Could Go All The Way”" Berman making a wisecrack about the “Two Burgers,” yuck-yuck-yuck! Saying there’d be later jokes about that, whilst proclaiming the two QB’s with the longest names in NFL history were currently having a Humdinger of a first half, with Tennessee’s Metenberger holding his own against Pittsburgh’s “Big Ben” Roethlisberger; Huh?

As there’s been a bevy ‘O changes at the key skills position offensively this year, having never heard of recently inserted starting rookie QB Zach Metenberger, who the Titans drafted the 6-foot 5-inches, 235lb 23yr old Georgian in the sixth round this year, No. 178 overall. As the former LSU Star with seasons of 10-3 & 9-3 respectively is the school’s only quarterback to throw for more than 2,500 yards consecutively.

Alas, once again my ex-UW DAWGS’ leader Jake Locker has been replaced after his umpteenth injury, although having been benched now and sounds like he’ll be gone after the end of the season. While Tennessee keeps their Seahawks QB connection alive with Charlie Whitehurst as the current third-stringer. Who I didn’t even know had started this year for Locker also.

And the Seattle connection doesn’t end there, as at least University of Washington’s record setting tailback Bishop Sankey is Tennessee’s starting RB, but has some gynormous shoes to fill with Chris Johnson’s departure to the New York Jets.

An I’m slightly embarrassed to admit I had zero inkling that one of my past fav’s, affectionately known simply as thee “Brittster,” aka Kenny Britt is now playing for the St Louis Rams, having just lit up Denver’s secondary for a 63yd TD in their stunning defeat of the Broncos!

As last I knew was Britt blew out his ACL , not to mention his never ending troubles with the law, and I guess it’s easy to understand why he’s no longer sporting a ‘T on his helmet.

Tennessee has just five Wide Receivers currently on its roster, led by tenth year NFL veteran Nate Washington, with Kendall Wright being Britt’s heir apparent. As Justin Hunter apparently teases us with spots of brilliance, while I don’t know anything about Chris Durham or Derrick Hagen.

And Tight End is another position I don’t have a clue upon, as it seems strange that Tennessee’s got four on their roster, with current starter Delanie Walker needing to be reinstated from his concussion he suffered prior to Monday Night’s game.

Thus, having deferred to my Nashville source, he seems to think that the Titans are pretty much lacking in all areas, i.e.; General Manager, Offense and Defense, not to mention the new owners being hundreds of miles away in Houston.

And funny how the ‘Ol noggin’ plays tricks upon Yuhs, right? As his mention of Ray Horton as new Defensive Coordinator made me think of Ken Norton, Jr, current linebackers coach of the Seattle Seahawks; Hooah!

As Ray Horton, whose name I know from his long National Football League coaching tenure, who previously worked for Wisenhunt in Arizona, has been tasked with converting Tennessee into a 3-4 defense this year, so the defense is a work in progress, while Nashville Tennessean staff writer Jim Wyatt thinks the Titans woes are down to bad draft picks the past few years…

Why are Titans so Bad? Blame recent Drafts

I tend to recall Kenny Norton Jr. as a hard hitting linebacker for those dastardly Cowboys and arch-rival 49ers, whilst I had NO clue that Messer Horton hails from Tacoma, Washington, played football local at Mount Tahoma High School and Washington, nor that Kenny’s father, the Hall of Famer Boxer had passed away at the age of 70 last year. As guess I’d better stick to my “Day Job,” scribblin’ furiously riveting racing stories instead, eh>

While I certainly hope that the new owners will give Ken Wisenhunt and his staff time to recessitate the franchise, instead of making him another of the prevalent “One-and-Done” mantra of today’s losing NFL Head Coaches. Since after all, if nothing else, Tennessee should be getting another coveted high first round draft pick in 2015.

And unlike current Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, who’s never been to the Big Dance, Wisenhunt’s “Been There, Done That!” And even has a ring, having been the winning Offensive Coordinator when the Ref’s; Err Pittsburg beat Seattle in 2005.


OOPS! Looks like Arians also been to the Big Show, winning the 2008 Lombardi trophy as the Steelers Offensive Coordinator with Roethlisberger at the helm. Ironically defeating Wisenhunt and the Cardinals! Although Bruce still hasn’t gone there as a Head Coach, which he and Arizona are hoping to do so with the Super Bowl being held in their Glendale stadium on February 1, 2015 - reminding his players constantly: Y’all Don’t want somebody else using your lockers in February…

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Seattle’s Affinity for The Other Football leaves a Fan Futilely Searching for Regular Season’s final Matches…

November 13th, 2014 · No Comments

It’s hard to believe it’s that time again, Y’all know, Playoffs Baby! Uhm? Not sure what I’m talking ’bout here, after all the NBA’s just begun its Pre-season. While the defending Stanley Cup champions lost their season opener after raising their second Stanly Cup champions banner at the Staples Center, where the Los Angeles Kings were thoroughly routed 4-0 by their cross-town rival San Jose Sharks. Yuhs know, the very same team that let them escape elimination in last year’s playoffs after leading the series three games to none…

And that relentless 986lb Gorilla known as the National Football League was only in week six of its regular season when I began scribblin’ this, so just what playoffs am I talking about, eh?

Well, once again, I had the good fortune of attending a Sounders FC Football game vs. Northern (Highway) I-5 corridor rival’s Vancouver Whitecaps with Randal, thy “Moniker King” of my ‘lil racing blog No Fenders.

As Randy’s not only kind enough to take me to a game each season, but gives me the pick ‘O thee litter! As Randy’s got as he’d say: BITCHIN’ SEATS! Being just 15-rows up from the pitch and about five yards shy of the midfield circle…

Having chosen the October 10th Vancouver Whitecaps v Sounders FC match for sentimental reasons ‘Wayback in March, then eagerly awaiting the 40th Anniversary of professional soccer in Seattle, after this summer’s euphoria of the world cup, not to mention a world cup qualifier with the USMNT squad that features three current Sounders, including US Men’s National Team Captain Clint Dempsey, Brad Evans and DeAndre Yedlin being played at our very own ‘Der Clink! (Century Link Field) I’d simply lost track of the MLS season and was chagrined when Randy told me we were attending the third-to-last game of the regular season; Huh?

And why does every time I think of the Whitecaps immediately make me think of beleaguered NBA Star Steve Nash, who after all is a minority co-owner of the team along with the overly secretive majority owner Greg Kerfoot, and the franchises other two minority co-owner’s Steve Lucho and Jeff Mallett.

Whitecaps Invisible Owner casts large Shadow

As I’ve previously scribbled about Steve Lucho for No Fenders, who once upon a time owned an IndyCar team, while C’mon Steve, it’s obviously time to retire if Yuhs tweak your back simply picking up luggage, right? But I digress…


As the Rave Greens’ minority co-owner Drew “the Price is Right” Carey wryly noted upon Vancouver’s and arch nemesis Portland Timbers inclusion into the Major League Soccer fold when their respective franchises came online in 2011, these three Pacific Northwest rivals truly form “Thee Triangle ‘O Death!” Which in another nod to this triumbrant’s Pacific Northwest links, all contest the Cascadia Cup.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here, as I still fondly recall going to Seattle Sounders games at the venerable Memorial Stadium at the Seattle Center back in the mid-1970’s when I was just a ‘Wee lad, as Pop’s had season tickets and I’ve still got seven Sounders buttons tacked to my Bulletin Board forty-years later!

As Seattle and the rival Vancouver Whitecaps were part of expansion fever which gripped the North American Soccer League (NASL) in 1974, as this was the first true professional soccer league Stateside, lasting from 1968 to 1983.

with Seattle and Vancouver’s inclusion in 1974, which was followed by the Portland Timbers in 1975, the three teams battled mightily amongst each other for not only Pacific Northwest superiority, but league-wise overall.

And although I no longer can personally recall Sounders Captain Jimmy Gabriel, three names still dance about in my head, most notably Dave Gillett, along with Pepe Fernandez and Tony Chursky. While Mike England’s name just popped up upon thy radar screen…

Messer Gillett, who was my all-time favourite Sounders player, sporting the No. 17 on defense, sadly saw his NASL career capped by a gruesome leg breakage at season’s beginning in 1978. Whilst What I remember most ’bout Fernandez was his wicked broken leg which occurred in the Sounders home debut, effectively ending his NASL career. And Chursky was our star goalie, albeit from 1976-78, having NO idea he was from Up North Eh! As in Oh ‘KanaDuh! Having replaced original goalkeeper Barry Watling, an Englishman on loan I don’t remember at all…

The original NASL Sounders debutant Head Coach was John Best, a five-time 1st team All Star Defender who played for a variety of teams, including both the Philadelphia Ukrainians and Spartans, the Cleveland Stokers, the Californian Jaguars and Dallas Tornado before retiring to become Seattle’s coach where he compiled a 43-26 record before departing to become rival Whitecaps General Manager.

As Best former team went onto contest the NASL championship known as Soccer Bowl ‘77, when the game was at its fever pitch for Mwah, when those dreaded New York Cosmos with two of the league’s biggest names on their roster: Pele and Franz Beckenbauer unfortunately defeated Seattle 2-1at Portland’s Civic Stadium, in what was to be Pele’s final game.

Yet Mr. Best had run off to KanaDuh’ to become the Vancouver Whitecaps GM, ultimately guiding the squad to its lone NASL championship victory, when the team won the ‘79 title with a 2-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Rowdies.

Then Best was recruited by the Sounders then new management to return to Seattle as its General Manager in 1982, and help guide the team to its second and final NASL Soccer Bowl (1982) which once again ended in defeat, ironically to those pesky Cosmos, this time a One-Nil’ (1-0) loss at San Diego Stadium, before the league folded after the end of the 1983 season.

As Y’all may be wonderin’ why all the reminiscing, eh? As sadly, five days prior to the 40th Anniversary match between Seattle and Vancouver, John Best died at the age of 74 while on Holiday in Ireland, as he should have been at Century Link Field instead…

John Best, charismatic Pied Piper of original Sounders dies at 74

Thus it seems a long, long time ago since last attending a Sounders FC game, in fact so long ago, that I cannot remember who their opponent was? Although vaguely remember going, when donning jeans and windbreaker for the summer evening’s match, whilst having tried to describe the euphoria of attending my initial Sounders FC game ‘Wayback in ‘Twenty-oh-Nine in;

El Soundero!

While my All-time favourite game attended (to-date) courtesy of Randy, was the 2011 U.S. Open Cup played at Century Link Field, where not only were the Rave Green victorious, but it would be Seattle’s third consecutive Open Cup win, and was Oh, So special getting to witness the Sounders FC players reveling in the moment of their achievement by each hoisting the Lamar Hunt trophy high aloft from center stage, aka ‘Der Clink’s midfield pitch!

Sounders FC make Open Cup History

Which somehow, all of this revelry brings us forward to this year’s Sounders FC vs. Whitecaps game, which although visions ‘O grandeur; Err 67,000 raucous Rave Green fans had been predicted, the night’s attendance was only 55,765 instead! As Seattle has once again won the record for most attendance during the regular season with an average of just a “smidgeon” below 44,000, as Century Link Field’s upper deck was opened for the Vancouver game.

Ironically, as I listened on radio, albeit over the ferocious din of Seattle’s fan base screaming SEATTLE SOUNDERS! unfortunately team Play-by-Play broadcaster Ross Fletcher eerily pointed out how Seattle’s midfielder Brad Evans was having to use his experience ‘N guile to attempt countering the prodigious speed of Vancouver’s Kekuta Manneh, who unfortunately bolted past the slower Evans en route to scoring the nights only goal, even more deflating yet, having come in the game’s final minute of first half play. As the defeat would ensure Vancouver winning the Cascadia Cup for a second year in-a-row.

Making matters worse, was the Monstrous six-foot-five Center Back (defender) Kendall Waston, as KIRO’s Ross Fletcher joked how the 26yr old Costa Rican Footballer was everywhere, and was stopping the Sounders single-handedly, as the One-Nil’ (1-0) loss was Seattle’s first home defeat since July!

Thus, with two regular season games remaining, the scheduling “Gawds” shone down upon Major League Soccer, as the coveted Supporter’s Shield, awarded to the league’s team with the best overall record would be decided in a two game “round-robin” affair between Seattle and the dastardly LA Galaxy.

As fortunately, albeit soon-to-be TottenhamHot Spurs FC international player, and current Sounders FC defender De Andra Yedlin returned from National team duties to play against the Galaxy in Los Angeles, the first of the final two games between the two arch-rivals.

DeAndre Yedlin to receive Latvian passport, join Spurs in January?

Yet having turned off the game early during the second half after Seattle had characteristically slipped behind Two-Nil’, (2-0) naturally I was surprised, but happy to discover afterwards that Seattle had come back to rein upon Landon Donavan’s final regular season match 2-2 with goals by Sounders FC Captain and Stud Clint Dempsey! And Lamar Neagle in the space of three minutes, knotting the game even in the 72nd minute of play, as the two teams would decide the Supporter’s Shield at Century Link Field the following weekend.

But what’s a soccer devotee to do? Having scribbled how I WAS SO FUCKING PISSED!!!

Having spent all day Saturday waiting for the Seattle Sounders FC “Football” game which my NFB Newsline for The Blind TV Guide said was on Root Sports @5:30PM.

Thus, thought I’d tune-in the Pre-game ‘N scrolled over to KIRO FM on my ‘lil transistor radio around 5PM only to hear them playing the sound bite of Head Coach Ziggy Schmidt saying Thank You, Thank You; Blah-blah-blah as the Sounders had WON the game Two-Nil’; (2-0) WTF???

I HATE NW NEWS! As they give soccer duh Boot every time, as I don’t wanna watch the game¬† now that I already know the results - FUCKING Media! As I’ve since found out after the fact, the game started at 2:30PM, alas; Oh ‘Whale, at least Seattle won the game and its 1st ever Supporter’s Shield and thus clinches home field advantage throughout the MLS playoffs…


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