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You say Oakland, I say LA…

January 8th, 2015 · No Comments

Since I’ve got the tranquil breezes of Ocean trade winds on my mind, whilst soon to be frolicking in the warm, pleasant and relatively calm waters of the Pacific Ocean, hopefully being “Buzzed” by the friendly Green Sea Turtles…

All of this sun, surf and sand talk, for which California’s famous for, most notably “Hangin’ 10!” Made me decide it was high time to point out the obvious, which any Diehard Sports Fan will have already known, as I’ve once again shown off my apparent lack ‘O “Stick ‘N Ball” sports prowess - with several blunders in regards to my latest 12 Dazes ‘O SportyMas in regards to the 2014 Oakland, NOT LA Raiders…

The Twelve Days of Sports - 2014 Edition…

First off, contrary to my ‘Ol Memory banks, the Oakland Raiders current starting Quarterback is Derek Carr, not David, albeit Derek is indeed the younger brother of David, who I recall being a gritty QB who seemed to be an NFL “Journeyman” Quarterback, as I tend to think I last remember David playing for the Chicago Bears?


Both of the Carr brothers are from Bakersville and attended local high schools before both played their collegiate careers at Fresno State.

Big Brother David was drafted No. 1 overall by the Houston Texans in 2002 where he starred as the team’s signal caller through the ‘06 season before jumping ship to the Carolina Panthers, prior to somebody named Cam (Newton) coming to town…

After one season at Carolina, David next played sparingly for the New York Giants, as Eli Manning’s back-up before serving as Alex Smith’s back-up at San Francisco under the tutelage of Jimmy “HarBooBoobaugh,” before a second stint with the Giants, once again as back-up to Manning, where he netted a Super Bowl ring in 2011, and now is an unsigned free agent at the age of 35.

Meanwhile, Interestingly, Derek Carr is playing for his home team, although I’m well aware that California has two NFL Franchises; the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers, albeit the latter seems in a bit of disrepute coaching-wise at the moment, having just decided to go a different way upon jettisoning winning coach Harbaugh, who’ll take over the reins at Michigan…

OOPS! Almost did it again! As Uhm, think the San Diego Chargers play in California too; Hya! But I digress…

Derek was drafted in the second round (#36 overall) by the Oakland Raiders and became the team’s rookie QB for 2014, notching up three “Spoiler” victories, first shocking the then undefeated Kansas City Chiefs before making San Fran’s Jimmy Harbaugh say NUTS! And finally throwing a monkey wrench in Buffalo’s playoff plans by knocking the Bills out of post season contention.

And while John Gruden did indeed coach the Raiders, perennial Pro Football Czar of the Telestrator; Hya! John Madden led Oakland, not LA to its first Super Bowl victory in 1976 before handing over the coaching reigns to Tom Flores.

Flores then led the Raiders to a further two Super Bowl victories in 1980, 1983, while the team’s last Super Bowl appearance came in 2002, losing to the recently traded John Gruden and the Oakland Raiders have since endured twelve losing seasons and would be hard pressed to match 2013’s 4-12 record, which indeed didn’t happen, thanks to the Denver Broncos walloping Derek Caar and Company 47-14 in the week-17 regular season finale.

Madden, who retired from his longtime Sunday Night Football “Gig” with al Michaels, letting Chris Collinsworth take over for him, was last seen on an NFL stage when giving the first Hall of Fame Kicker Ray Guy’s induction speech in 2014…

Why Ray Guy chose John Madden to induct him

Then again, I may have this whole Los Angeles pigskin thingy somewhat correct? Although it pertains to the St Louis Rams instead of the Oakland Raiders returning to the “Raisin State,” Like isn’t that where we heard it on the grapevine; Hya!

Alas, with all of the conjecture over St Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke proposing to build a new 80,000 seat “Bling-Bling” NFL Stadium in Hollywood Park in Inglewood. Then again it could just be bluster to force St Louis into more favorable terms on a new stadium? And let’s not forget that there’s already a new LA Football Stadium project on the drawing board, having been “Fast Tracked” thru the environmental statement process. So who knows if either the Rams, Raiders or even Gasp! San Diego Chargers come to La-La Land, as these three teams seem to be leading the charge for “cough-cough” a new billion-plus state of the art stadium. Now if they could just have a winning record…

Whether or not Rams return, they’re still Family

Derek Carr:

David Caar:

Rams to LA?

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Sorry FSU, but Get Over It!

January 5th, 2015 · No Comments

Otay, I’m biased here, even if Oregon’s not my preferred Pac 12 team… Yet I find it truly disappointing that the majority of Florida State University’s football team decided to Stomp off the field after their humiliating 59-20 defeat and go directly to the locker room after getting their ARSES KICKED by the No. 2 Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl game, as that simply REEKS of Poor Sportsmanship - to say the least!

And yeah, I’m aware that Oregon’s players weren’t immune from making fun of FSU afterwards by mockingly singing their opponent’s fight song, but I simply cannot tolerate Poor Sportsmanship and think that the NCAA at the very least needs to investigate this matter, since it sets a disturbing precedence for future collegiate athletes in regards to their personal conduct…

Florida State Players Slammed Over ‘Disappointing’ Lack Of Sportsmanship After Rose Bowl

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The Twelve Days of Sports - 2014 Edition…

December 22nd, 2014 · No Comments

Otay Sports Fans, here’s my’3rd “N long attempt to advance thy Yuletide (football) classic 12-days of Christmas Carroll across thee Goal-line, as your Senior Sportyblog Scribe “Touchdown Tommy” vainly tryst to find something relative towards some of the sports largest Stick ‘N Ball series major stories - in hopes of wishing Y’all Happy Holidays!

And speakin’ of Carroll’s, how ‘bout that “Mister Excitement’s” (Pete Carroll) reigning Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks, Who’re definitely Playoff bound! (again)

And as ‘RASSCAR Darling Dan-Dan-Danica (Patrick) used to say, when Shilling for an Automotive Supplier whilst running ’round in circles in the Indy Racing League; OOPS! I meant Indy Cars…

“When You Peak, You Win!”

But alas, Yuhs are all wondering ’bout that past riveting Sportyblog rendition of thee 12-days ‘O Sports posted right here on Sportybblog, right?

The Twelve Days of Sports - 2013 edition

And following up last year’s Hit rendition is this year’s smash record’s recording of the Commishes favourite Yule Tide glee… Did somebody say hit? Nope, DON’T Yuhs dare punch me Raymond!

On the Twelfth Day of SportyMas Roger Goodell said to me;
Football, we DON’T need any STINKIN’ Fooh-Fooh Faux English style Football in Americre’ like that Namby-Pamby English Premiere League, as only Americre’ plays REAL Football here in ’tis great land ‘O thee…

On the Twelfth Day of SportyMas Roger Goodell said to me;
Seahawks Twelfth Man raises the Flag!
Eleven Silver Winners trophies
Ten Bites ‘O Beef Jerky
Nine NFL Lawsuits
Eight Second Sound Bytes
Seven Prickly Pear Cacti
Six Rams Draft Picks for RG3
Five MLS Cups
Four Overweight Suitcases
Three Stanley Cups
Two Wins is SWEET!
And an Ineligible Personal Conduct policy!

And remember Y’all; Seven foot one inch Shaq can’t sing these Christmas carols any better than Sir Charles; Ho-Ho-Ho!

1) Making a Mockery Out of the Personal Conduct Policy
Have to say I’m really, really NOT impressed one iota by the Nat’l Football League… Nor their repeated bungling ‘O Domestic Violence issues, not to mention everything else wrong with the repeated missteps of the “Commish!” As I still say: Can Y’all say Cover-up? Like I never got that package in the mail; Honest… And Roger Goodell should be out on his bum; Oh Never Mind!

Women’s Groups blast NFL’s new Personal Conduct policy

2) Raiders 2nd Win is Sweet!
In all of my euphoria to stick it to my 40WHINERZ’ Fans, I called them the LA Raiders, like “Just Win Baby!” Although I do know that they’re actually the Oakland Raiders, it’s just that I tend to think of them in LA guise, a la the John Madden Glory Years… Although I think the last time they were truly “Golden” somebody named Gruden was at the Helm, while the name Tim Brown sticks in my ‘Wayback machine…

As surely it was a Shock for the waning 49ers to lose to a lowly 1-11 Raiders team upon traveling across the bay to Oakland to witness the cagey veteran QB David Caar carve up San Francisco’s defense en route to a 24-13 win!

Ironically, will history repeat itself soon? As the last time the Raiders appeared in the Super Bowl they lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and recently departed Oakland head coach John Gruden, who’d been traded for a bevy ‘O Draft pics and $8m in cash; Hmm? Is Jimmy “HarBooBoobaugh and SF about to pull a similar dealio with Oakland? Only time will tell…

3) Can the LA Kings win Three Stanley Cups?
I became a fan of the Kings after reading about their coach Daryl Sutter from Up North Eh! Who’s “Day Job” is rancher and how he had to get somebody else to fill-in for him during (cattle) Heardin’ time cause the NHL Playoffs were getting in the way! And then after what “the Great One,” aka Wayne Gretsky couldn’t deliver, Sutter’s squad gave Los Angeles its first Stanley Cup after 45yrs of futility!

West Coast Fever

My continued infinity for Uhm? An LA based team is somewhat centered ’round our favourite ‘lil Tacoma, WA “Biestro,” aka Tatanka Takeout, who’s Buffalo meat is Oh So Tasty! Along with the affable ‘N enjoyable owner Nathan, who’s penchant is ice hockey and is a lifelong LA Kings Aficionado - who makes multiple visits back to La-La Land yearly in order to take in a game, a la last year’s Game 2 of the Stanley Cup!

Can the Kings win a third Stanley Cup this year? I have NO FREAKIN” CLUE! As one night they win, the next they lose. But I simply enjoy following their progress in order to have Somme-thun’ “SMART” to say to Nathan the next time we drop by… Uhm, Uhm, may be another Buffalo Burrito on New Year’s eve?

4) 2 Overweight Suitcases is One too Many!
Hopefully by the time Y’all read this, perennial NBA All Star Steve Nash will have retired permanently from the game, as the oft-injured player apparently threw his back out just prior to this year’s regular season when picking up some suitcases! As time to focus upon your post playing career, i.e.; Vancouver Whitecaps, etc

5) Who’ll be First to Five?
As I previously scribbled here upon Sportyblog, I watched my first ever Major League Soccer Cup championship game, largely on the hopes that New England would send “LD10,” nee Landon Donovan packing dejectedly, as “Americres’ Greatest-ever” soccer player was retiring upon completion of the game.

Yet it wasn’t to be, as the Revolution, who fought a very scrappy game, forcing OT, lost 2-1 en route to their fifth MLS Cup defeat, with head coach Jay Heaps having been involved in all five! With New England becoming the first MLS franchise to lose five trips to the championship game…

Hence, on the other side of the pitch, Donovan was basking in the champagne afterglow of the Galaxy being the first in history to win five MLS Cups, while he himself notched a record sixth…

6) The Master of Understatement…
Enjoyed the brief story ’bout how Jeff Fisher, arguably the Tennessee Titans most successful head coach… Took the rare opportunity to stick the knife in Washington’s back Pre-game, by sending all six of his players acquired via Redskins Draft picks in order to move up draft-wise to ensure choosing Robert Griffin III to be St Louis’s coin toss co-captains; YOUCH!

As the Rams shellacked the Redskins 24-0 whilst the once heralded RG3 sat on the bench…

7) DAWGS’ Oblivious of National Championship whilst in thee Desert
While I’m certain that the majority of the nation will be focused upon the first ever National Championship Bowl Game, the Washington Huskies (8-5) will travel to The Valley of the Sun to face the Oklahoma State Cowboys (6-6) on January 2nd, 2015 for the Cactus Bowl at ASU’s Sun devil Stadium.

Although this year’s Rose Bowl won’t have the same significance or meaning for Mwah, naturally I’ll be rootin’ for Marcus Mariota and his Oregon Ducks to be victorious and ultimately National Champions, even if it’ll pain me to be cheering for one of the DAWGS’ biggest rivals! Yet it’s been a longtime since we’ve shredded any “Rubber Duckies;” Hya! As hopefully first year Head Coach Chris Peterson can get his gang to just focus upon beating ‘Dem Stinkin’ Cowboys! Since after all, isn’t that where some BASTARDO took our Supersonics to?

8) We Have Ways to Make You Speak Marshawn!
Yeah, I understand rules are rules, and Marshawn Lynch is supposed to talk to the media; but, really? Fining him $100,000 seems really petty to me… And I’m not cryin’ for a “Pity Pooh” for Marshawn, it’s just that it seems like the NFL’s got so many larger problems than going after a player who’s reluctant to hog the limelight behind the microphone! Like, Uhm? Can Y’all imagine if “Neon Deon” had been like this; Oh Never Mind!

What’s that Marshawn, you’re gonna wear blue shoelaces next week? Oh, your favourite bubble-gum flavour is Tahiti Passion Fruit… Thanks for the interview Marshawn!

9) NfL’s Revolving Door of Litigation
As the NFL’s Goodell The Benevolent! Err, Mr. Goody 2 Shoes Commissioner Roger Goodell tap dances ‘N sings thy phrases of the National Football League over ‘N over again… Uhm, has anybody seen the Commish? Think he’s hiding out at home these days; Hya!

As I scribbled before, this year it truly does seem like they’re harkening back to their good ‘Ol National Felon’s League guise instead! As the league bungled mightily its Ray Rice case, not to mention Super Star Adrian Peterson’s belt whipping debacle! And that’s before we even get to the myriad of others under the cloud of Domestic Violence… Not to mention somebody named Erin Hernandez or Darren Sharper!

The NFL’s Dark Side…

10) Sherman Speaks!
Otay, I’m sure it’s largely forgotten by now, right? As doesn’t Nov 25th seem so long ago? Yet for Mwah, this was priceless and probably the BEST interview of the year, when Seattle Seahawks brash CB Richard Sherman, along with help from WR Doug Baldwin, albeit in the form of a life-size cardboard cutout cleverly and correctly ripped the National Football League over its hypocritical “Double Standards” in a show of Seahawks team-mates solidarity for RB Marshawn Lynch’s ridiculous $100k fine for not speaking to the media…

richard sherman doug baldwin picture photo press conference

Richard Sherman and cutout Doug Baldwin criticize NFL policies

And before Y’all go ripping Messer Sherman, like Mr. Sporty, I too urge you to read the following story which rightly points out Richard’s correctness towards the NFL’s Hippocras.

An Ugly Preview to A Gruesome Matchup

For which many NFL players lauded Sherman’s creativity towards the 869lb Behemoth known as the Nat’l Football League…

Seahawks Richard Sherman gets lots of support from NFL players

11) Hamilton joins Pantheon of Formula 1 Greats
Who’s Hamilton Y’all may be asking? Its none other than the BBC’s 2014 Sports Personality of the Year, nee Lewis Hamilton, who became a double world champion this year on the back of his staggering eleven “W’s” in Formula 1 this season!

Hamilton, who’s black becomes the sports 16th driver in its illustrious 65-year history to claim two F1 Drivers world championships and joins the rarefied air of British double title winners Jimmy Clark, Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart, some of the sport’s most elite!

I also had the privilege of witnessing in the flesh Messer Hamilton become Britain’s winningest driver in history when he broke ‘Ol Bloody ‘Nige’s record of 31 Grand Prix victories, which Nigel Mansell had held since 1994. As thy “Young ‘Louise” serenely motored past his rival “silver Arrows” (Mercedes) team-mate Nico Rosberg at Circuit Of The Americas in Austin, Texas en route to his second win at COTA in three years and his 32nd win overall, whilst becoming the fifth most successful F1 driver for overall victories…

12) Seahawks 12th Man raises their Hawks Freak Flag Again!
Perhaps Y’all can tell that I began poondin’ this out whilst awaiting the second round of Seattle vs. San Francisco at ‘Der Clink, aka Century Link Field, as all week long the local radio station had been playing “Put a Sock in I-T Harbaugh!” And whilst setting a new all-time attendance record of 68,526, not to mentioning the relentless roar. What’s the quickest way to quiet one of the nation’s loudest stadiums? Simple, back the home team into a 4th and FREAKIN’ 39! Which is exactly what the 49ers did, in one of their brief moments of defensive brilliance.

But Alas, the 12th Man; Err Men, Women, Children, Dogs, etc all left the stadium delirious once again after Seattle won 17-7 in what could have been Jimmy Harbaugh’s last meeting as San Fran’s head coach against despised NFC West rivals Seattle.

Especially since I think the dye was cast after the 49ers inexplicably let San Diego claw their way back from a three touchdown deficit at halftime to lose at home 38-35 in OT! Which caused me to burst out into spontaneous laughter when discovering the score a few hours after the game’s finale…

As now I, like the rest of Seattle mash our teeth in nervous anticipation of Sunday Night’s intra-division Showdown in the Desert vs. Arizona; GO HAWKS!

Hey, all I’ve got to root for “MY” Titans is that they win the Marcus Mariota sweepstakes in April!

And this wraps up another season of wonderful stories scribbled by Touchdown Tommy at Sportyblog. Felice Navidad, Happy Holidays and Happy New Years Y’all!

Thank You for continuing to read this blog…

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What Not to Buy your Kid for Christmas…

December 15th, 2014 · No Comments

Although perhaps this item will be gone by the time you read this? Nonetheless the following story cracked me up! Especially since it sounds like somebody got caught trying to pull a fast one, unless they’re counting on their customers to not catch on?

So, if your son or daughter is a Carmelo Anthony fan, you’ll probably want to skip the Anthony Carmelo doll WalMart’s currently offering! Especially since its apparently got several genetic makeup differences, not to mention speeling, and that’s even before getting to the correct NBA team; YIKES! Although it’d make a nice novelty and may become a collector’s item for wrongly marketed merchandise?

WalMart’s Carmelo Anthony Doll looks Suspiciously like Jeremy Lin

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Three Soccer Ghosts visit Sounders FC…

December 12th, 2014 · No Comments

Must be getting that time of year, right? As I just can’t stop myself from various renditions of Messer Dickens timeless tail…

As the Seattle Sounders FC were visited by more than those three Ghoulish Chaps from Yesteryear, with their ravenous “Rave Green” Diehard supporters setting the bar a notch higher by leading the MLS in attendance once again, for six years in-a-row with some 42,863+ filing thru the turnstiles; Err being “wanded” by security at Century Link Field.

Ghost of Soccer Past
Funny how it seems like forever ago when I was attending my lone “Rave Green” match of the regular season two months ago, when Seattle lost One-Nil (1-0) which I scribbled ’bout laboriously in;

Seattle’s Affinity for The Other Football leaves a Fan Futilely Searching for Regular Season’s final Matches…

Not to mention my travails ‘O trying to follow along the season’s mock two-legged Face-off for the Supporters shield vs. arch nemesis Los Angeles Galaxy; having tuned out after Seattle fell behind Two-Nil (2-0) in Leg-1 before totally screwing up upon my local TV time & station for their victorious Leg-2 win!

Next listening to the Sounders FC in the MLS Playoffs, for which the relatively new Major League Soccer Franchise has participated in all six years of its existence. As it was the second game vs. FC Dallas, where Seattle’s very own Mike McCready of Pearl Jam fame played a rocking rendition of thy Star spangled banner upon his Fender Stratocaster to 38,000-plus (A = 38,912) adoring, delirious Rave Green fans!

Sounders have advanced to the Conference Finals twice, with their nemesis being those dreaded LA Galaxy, who bounced Seattle from advancing two years ago in 2012 en route to Los Angeles’s fourth MLS Cup, when some chap named David Beckham was on his retirement “World Tour.”

Fast forward to this season, as the Galaxy were flexing their collective muscles again, with the retiring Landon Donovan scoring a Hat-trick vs. Real Salt Lake (RSL) in a crushing Five-Nil (5-0) defeat.

But back to our Sounders FC game, where the score was knotted Nil-Nil (0-0) at halftime, even though Clint Dempsey had taken a point blank shot from 12-yards out straight at Dallas’s keeper to NO avail! As the game ended tied at Nil-Nil with Seattle advancing on the strength of Major League Soccer’s dubious “Away Goals” rule, for which I felt somewhat disappointed, as hey, Yuhs always want your home team to win via scoring goals instead!

Ghost of Soccer Present
Listened to a somewhat tinny Ross Fletcher, the voice of the Sounders FC, with “Pro-LA” colour commentator Kasey Keller alongside on a new AM radio channel, 770AM Me thinks? As it was agonizing to hear Seattle lose One-Nil, (1-0) yet realize we’d been down this road before, and alas, it was only one goal this time instead of the typical three…

Then upon being bedside with my departing ‘Awntie Harriet over Thanksgiving weekend, in what I dubbed a “100% SportsFreeZone!” I missed out upon the all important second leg finale.

Also missed any transmission of the Seahawks v 49ers “Turkey-Lurkey” dessert, as we’d chose to watch Shirley Temple’s Bright Eyes instead, followed up with ‘lil Ronnie Howard on the Telescreen afterwards, I had ZERO inkling of the second leg’s outcome until late Monday evening, followed-up by Randal informing me that Seattle had won the game but those dastardly Galaxy had won the war on aggregate plus the BLEEPIN’ Away Goals tiebreaker.

And apparently the lure ‘O Landon Donovan’s “final-final” match was too much to resist, with a reported figure of some 1.9-million viewers tuning in, including Senior Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy, who was watching his first ever MLS Cup in spite of those bone crushing Seahawks being on thy ‘Telie in nearly the same time-slot; Aye Karumba!

And although I totally got Alexi Lalas’s point in the Pre-game’s opening monologue, and agree with it, nonetheless, I got overly peeved by his continuous “Shots” at the Sounders by saying NOBODY cares who won the US Open Cup and Supporters Shield, they only remember who won the MLS Cup! As I kept waiting for his opposite studio Sidekick ex-Sounders FC Captain and Goalkeeper Kasey Keller to say something, but Kasey wouldn’t bite; Bah Humbug!

As I’m certain my neighbor above wondered what I was YOO-HOOING ’bout pre-Seahawks game, as I let out a vociferous roar in the games 79th minute when New England shockingly tied the game One-One, as I seriously wanted the Revolution to end their MLS Cup losing streak but alas, as we all know, reigning MLS MVP Robby Keene scored the deciding goal in the 111th minute of play, clinching LA’s record fifth MLS Cup victory 2-1 with the Revolution unceremoniously making history by now having lost five championship game matches; YOUCH!

Ghost of Soccer Future
For now, as hopefully both sides will work out the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, (CBA) which expires on Dec 31, 2014, the future of MLS looks pretty bright! With eight franchises having averaged over 20,000 attendees and the league averaging just a schosh over 19,000 for the first time ever, (19,045 Avg) and two new teams entering play in 2015, i.e.; Orlando City Soccer Club and New York City FC, as the latter state now hosts three professional teams: NY Red Bulls, NYC FC and the NASL’s New York Cosmos,.

And expansion fever hasn’t subsided yet, with two more franchises on the horizon set to play in 2017, when the re-tooled second LA franchise being born out of the ashes of Chivas USA, along with the new Atlanta squad take to the pitch, with MLS Commissioner Don Garber saying he hopes to be to 24-teams by the time he steps down in 2020…

2014 MLS Expansion Draft Picks revealed

Also MLS is currently waiting patiently for the resolvement of the never ending David Beckham Miami Franchise experiment, for which his first two stadium site choices have been shot down. As I still don’t see why Lord Beckham doesn’t take over the new LA franchise instead? Although suppose he doesn’t want to go head-to-head with his former employer…

Thus, all that remains for Seattle’s box ticking is to finally make its debutant MLS Cup appearance, having now won four US Open Cups along with the 2014 MLS Supporters Shield.

As my good friend Randal, “Thy Moniker King” (primarily of No Fenders fame) gave me quite the start recently when mentioning that perhaps my favourite Sounders FC player #12, Left Back Leo Gonzalez might be gone after the forthcoming Major League Soccer expansion draft; YIKES!

Yet whew, fortunately for Mwah, Leo and more importantly the Sounders, along with Ziggy, (Schmid) Leo was spared and the 34yr old Costa Rican should be once again on the pitch for opening day next March, where the Sounders will feature a somewhat revamped starting line-up.

And it’s important to note that the New England Revolution didn’t play in their first MLS cup until year seven of its existence, which I only learned from watching this year’s championship, for which I so desperately wanted New England to send “LD10″ (Donovan) packing dejectedly!

As Randal notes, with my Boy Leonardo being 34 ‘N change, the young lions will be nipping at his heels, whilst have NO idea who’ll fill departed home grown Right Back talent DeAndre Yedlin who’s transferred to the world’s premiere stage by joining Tottenham Hot Spurs.

Thus, with Landon’s departure, can the Galaxy regroup for another title run? While the Sounders “core players” remain intact; Hmm? Sounds familiar, like I dunno, perhaps the Seattle Seahawks, eh?

Thus, can the Rave Green finally break thru to the championship finals and even better yet, be victorious! And just how many original Sounders will remain upon that most glorious day?

As there’s currently just four players remaining upon Seattle’s roster who made their maiden cap ‘Wayback on March 19, 2009, albeit one could be done? (As thought I heard Zach Scott’s name being mentioned as possibly retiring? Pre expansion draft…)

This quartet is led by elder Defenders Gonzalez (34) and Zach Scott, (34) with midfielder team captain Brad Evans (29) and midfielder ‘Ozzie, aka Osvaldo Alonso (29) all somewhat hearing the nagging sounds of Father Time calling them.

Yet on the positive side of the ledger, sounders brass just recently gave Head Coach Sigi Schmid a contract extension for Christmas, so the Sounders FC should have NO excuses for coaching lapses into the foreseeable future, with the pressure now being squarely on Schmid, age 61 to claim his third career MLS cup…

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